Welcome to Pop's Pizza!

Pop's Pizza is a small pizza restaurant that believes in providing
a quality pie at a fair price. What truly sets Pop's apart is that
we also specialize in a wide variety of Italian cuisine including grinders, calzones, chicken parmesan,
antipastos, salads, and
our famous meatballs.

Monday: Pepper & Onion/BBQ Rib
Tuesday: Meatball
Wednesday: Big Guy Special
Thursday: Mushroom or Buffalo Chicken
Friday: White Broccoli or Tomato or Spinach w/Garlic

I was born and raised on the best of Brooklyn's classic, family-run "pizza joints", where one could walk up to a street-facing window or inside counter and say, "gimme a square, a round, and a coke." Translating from Brooklynese, that meant one slice of Sicilian-style pizza and one slice of Neapolitan-style pizza, with whatever cola they dispensed.

So, if you want that truly Big Apple pizza-by-the-slice experience, head over to Pops - abbondanza!